The virtuous circle - food security, packaging & sustainable development
The Virtuous Circle

The Virtuous Circle is a unique circular economy project taking place in South Africa in 2016-2017. It uses a three pillar approach to address the challenge of sustainability whilst simultaneously tackling the broader societal issues of education and malnutrition.

The project is strongly aligned with and inspired by a number of the Sustainable Development Goals and related targets, in particular SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and, due to the multi-stakeholder nature of the project, SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).




The Virtuous Circle report outlines how a partnership of businesses and NGOs explored the key challenges of reducing food waste, improving childhood nutrition and promoting environmental sustainability all at the same time.

Download the full report:


Project partner Wastebuster developed several educational videos for children on the Virtuous Circle project. Follow Wastebuster’s lead character, a space monkey called Captain Busta, on his journey to planet Earth where he meets South African artist Tresor. Together, they promote the benefits of good nutrition, explain to school children how to use the dual compartment pouches and demonstrate how appropriate packaging can help reduce food waste. Watch the full video below to hear Tresor’s song and follow their visit to school children in South Africa! To see more clips of Tresor, Captain Busta and the Virtuous Circle project, visit our educating page. Here, you’ll find plenty of inspiration!