The virtuous circle - food security, packaging & sustainable development
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South Africa is an environmentally vulnerable country and there is a need to maximise the use of resources.

This project aims to integrate responsible and efficient management of resources in school curricula, to improve teacher and learner comprehension of core curriculum and sustainability subjects, and reward attainment.

This includes, but is not limited to, programmes on waste reduction, recycling and resource management.

Given that a high percentage of learners in South Africa are living in rural communities, raising awareness in schools and their local communities on how to manage resources efficiently and effectively, will aim to improve local waste and recycling systems and generate employment opportunities to unlock social, economic and environmental benefits for the communities in which it operates.

As part of this pilot project, Wastebuster is working with school children to build awareness and understanding of sustainable development.

The goal is to take the learnings from the project and work together with  business, government,  existing educationalists, school networks and communities to develop an education, campaign and recycling platform, for South Africa. Building on Wastebuster’s successful UK delivery model.

The platform would aim to:

  1. Provide a more joined up, cohesive approach to sustainable development with education opportunities, teacher training, waste campaigns, and reward incentives for engagement via retailer loyalty schemes.
  2. Increase knowledge and understanding of responsible consumption and production, change attitudes towards sustainable resource management and provide rewarded empowerment opportunities for individuals, schools and communities to take action
  3. Build a national network of schools interested in sustainable development opportunities
  4. Inform and inspire children, and their families, to adopt more sustainable lifestyle choices
  5. Remove barriers to access and participation for schools and families via mobile technology and free data services
  6. Measure positive social, economic, environmental impact
Educational Videos

In line with these objectives, Wastebuster developed several educational videos for children on the Virtuous Circle project. Follow Wastebuster’s lead character, a space monkey called Captain Busta, on his journey to planet Earth where he meets South African artist Tresor. Together, they promote the benefits of good nutrition, explain to school children how to use the dual compartment pouches and demonstrate how appropriate packaging can help reduce food waste.

Full video


How is a multi-layer plastic food pouch recycled? 

How is a multi-layer plastic food pouch made?

Here’s the Shake it Song by South African artist Tresor!

Virtuous Circle Recycling in Action

Smart food and the Shake it Song