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Wastebuster is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC) that delivers a school’s education programme designed to foster positive values, attitudes and behaviours that prevent waste and encourage children to carry the messages from curriculum, to campus and into the community. Wastebuster specialise in environmental education, waste reduction and recycling campaigns and initiatives that engage, inform, and empower children to play a direct and active role in shaping their own future.

Wastebuster also develop teacher and volunteer training programs to show how changes in the way we learn, live, play, work, and travel can help us live happy and healthy lives – within the resources available to us. Almost all Wastebuster’s work involves partnerships and collaborations. We team up with not-for-profit agencies, NGOs and charities and form relationships with local councils, regional government offices and waste and utility companies. We also work with businesses that would like to activate positive change as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment: